Ang Thong Marine Park Speed Boat Tour


Enjoy a full-day boat tour in Angthong Marine Park! One of the most gorgeous and well-known marine destinations, this full-day tour is a must-do for everyone visiting the south of Thailand. Explore the 42 islands that make up Angthong Marine Park, also known as Golden Basin. The fabulous emerald lagoon and the island of Wua Ta Lap (sleeping cow’s eye) with its spectacular viewpoint over the whole Angthong national park and a stunning stalactite Ang Thong National cave are also highlights on our budget-friendly Ang Thong tour. As well Also, you can relax on some of the world’s most stunning beaches and enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear water. The cliffs may also be explored by kayak for an additional fee. Book your tour to Angthong Marine Park now.


Ang Thong Marine Park Speed Boat Tour

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Every day


7 to 8 hours

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Depending on your location, we will pick you up in an air-conditioned minibus or in a vehicle from the category "SUV" between 07:15 a.m. and 08:00 a.m. at your specified accommodation, and then guide you to the pier of departure, in the north of Koh Samui. Step by step, all other participants are collected for this day trip until the entire travel group is completely together.


Breakfast is served on board the ship during the crossing to the Angthong Marine Park. The ship leaves around 9:00 a.m. and arrives at the snorkeling activity spot at Koh Wao after an interesting 60-minute boat trip under normal sea conditions. Here you have time enough to explore the unique underwater world for 45 minutes or enjoy the view over the Gulf of Thailand.


Close to the deserted island of Koh Mae Koh (mother island), we will be anchored. From here you will be transported to the picturesque bay with a small dinghy. Here you have enough time to visit the beautiful green Emerald Lagoon. You can walk and explore the beauties of the desert island on permanently installed wooden hiking trails. 


While the generous lunch buffet with delicious local specialties is served for you on the neighbor island Koh Sam Sao, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the beauty of the marine park with its 42 island groups and the azure sea in different colors. Now you will have enough time to dine in this fantastic atmosphere and after you will have time to explore the amazing surroundings by kayak.


You will then spend the afternoon on the island of Koh Wua Talap, where the activities can be customized: you can either climb to the most breathtaking viewpoint in the Gulf of Thailand, explore a fascinating stalactite cave, snorkel in front of the island or simply relax on the beautiful white sandy beach. We will stay here for approximately 90 minutes.


Around 4:00 p.m. we will start to return the way back to the starting point on Koh Samui. If the sea is calm, we should arrive there around 5:00 p.m. Lean back and let the impressions sink in when you see the rugged, rocky landscape and the water shimmering in different shades of blue.


Around 5:15 p.m., we'll pick you up from the Nathon boat harbor in an air-conditioned minibus or a "SUV" and take you back to your hotel. Step by step, all of the other participants on the day tours will be taken to their accommodations until the whole group has arrived.


Lire plus
I was pleasantly surprised about this tour. When we went to several islands it didn't feel crowded, tour guides were super awesome and friendly as well as lunch buffet was tasty and filling. Only thing I would change is to choose another snorkeling spot (or spend this time on another island) as it wasn't very beautiful and there were a lot of boats.
Lire plus
Service/team was great - no complaints. Lunch great. Couple beaches we visited were polluted with plastic bottles - would suggest tour organisers invest in beach cleaning. During trip you spend 45 mins in each location - all other time traveling between locations. Next time Id choose trip with less locations/stops - probably would skip kayaking.
Lire plus
The pick up was on time. The local as well as speedboat staff were good. Lunch was awesome. And there is hardly anything that I can say about the tour, except amazing. People must go to Phi Phi before coming here, otherwise they may not like Phi Phi. Loved the experience, thank you
Lire plus
Booked my hiking trip to Angthong marine park with Koh Samui Tours. Very professional and attentive team. The views are beautiful and the atmosphere of the trip is great. Highly recommend. Lunch was simple, but tasty and there was unlimited amount of water and soft drinks provided. Recommend this agency and this trip in particular.


Day trip from Koh Samui to Angthong Marine Park